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How much trouble is in store for office real estate?
Jun 26, 2023

How much trouble is in store for office real estate?

Empty office space could be bad news for real estate owners and regional banks. Plus, what to expect in the May durable goods report.

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Why durable goods orders reflect consumer demand

Jun 26, 2023
This week, the Census Bureau will report how many manufactured durable goods businesses ordered in May. Many manufacturers haven't been making as many products, but certain types of equipment are still in high demand.
Orders of computers have been rising lately, as businesses try to boost productivity through investments in tech during a tight labor market.
Brandon Bell/Getty Images

How bad will it get for office real estate?

Jun 26, 2023
Tenants are celebrating the falling rents, but record vacancies could eventually upend the market.
Office buildings in San Francisco have particularly high vacancy rates.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

What it takes to lure IT workers back to the Chinese countryside

Jun 26, 2023
Some city-dwellers are heeding the call of China’s government for people to return and revive the countryside.
Ex-coder Hu Hang stands in a peach orchard he co-invests in. He quit the IT sector and moved from Shenzhen back to his hometown in central Jiangxi province a few years ago. (Christian Petersen-Clausen/Marketplace)
Christian Petersen-Clausen for Marketplace

Local governments are employing gig workers and offering better benefits

Jun 26, 2023
Cities are among the biggest buyers of flexible labor, and they're improving terms for gig work, says Xavier de Souza Briggs of Brookings.
Gig workers, like those who drive for ride-hailing companies, may soon have more jobs in local government.
Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

Three years after the pandemic recession, signing up for unemployment still isn't easy

Jun 26, 2023
States are upgrading IT and accessibility to unemployment insurance, but it's a long hard road.
bymuratdeniz/Getty Images

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