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How high will interest rates go?
Apr 13, 2022

How high will interest rates go?

Some economists say interest rates of 4% or 5% could be in the cards for the Federal Reserve. Plus: The state of the economy, as told by JPMorgan's earnings report.

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What JPMorgan Chase's earnings report can tell us about the state of the economy

Apr 13, 2022
For the most part, the news is pretty good.
JPMorgan's financial results offer clues to where the economy is headed, analysts say. The giant bank generated $8 billion in profit in the most recent quarter.
Stan Honda/ AFP via Getty Images

Just how high will interest rates go?

Apr 13, 2022
We don't know. But the Taylor principle says rates should increase at least to the level of annual inflation to control rising prices.
Among the Federal Reserve's biggest challenges is quelling consumer expectations of high inflation.
Stefani Reynolds/AFP via Getty Images

Russian sanctions result in a shortage of prized vacuum-tube guitar amps

Apr 13, 2022
Few factories make the tubes, valued for the sound quality they bring to amplifiers. A run on the market is driving up prices.
Todd Sharp holds a vacuum tube — what he says is key to high-quality sound from an amp.
Paige Pfleger/WPLN News

Declining enrollment affects how public schools balance budgets

Apr 13, 2022
It can be challenging to figure out whether pandemic-related changes will end up being permanent.
The recipient school districts are now considering how to use their donations, whether on improvements like a new gym or investments like college scholarship funds.
Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

A mobile bookstore in the Bronx “is where my heart is” 

Apr 13, 2022
Storefront prices were too high, so Latanya DeVaughn of Bronx Bound Books used savings, a grant and a bus to realize her dream.
Courtesy Latanya DeVaughn

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