How China does the numbers
Jul 17, 2023

How China does the numbers

Later, a check-in on the electric vehicle market as Ford slashes $10,000 off the price of an F-150 Lightning. 

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Inflation remains high in most of world as it cools in the U.S.

Jul 17, 2023
The U.S. is finally seeing inflation cool down, but other countries, especially in Europe, are still seeing prices spike.
Inflation in the U.S. is back down to 3%.
Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images

The rise of the regional Fed speech

Jul 17, 2023
As the prominence of regional Federal Reserve Bank Presidents has increased over the years, so has the allure of their speeches.
Alex Wong/Getty Images

Hotels and restaurants have had trouble hiring, so they innovated

Jul 17, 2023
That’s meant automating some tasks once done by humans and thinking carefully about the humans they do hire.
After two summers of worker shortages on Cape Cod, some restaurant and hotel owners have become more efficient, "enabling them to operate with a smaller staff,” the Beige Book says.
Tim Graham/Getty Images

EV prices are falling, but remain out of reach for many potential buyers

Jul 17, 2023
The industry may need to cut costs to bring down stickier prices.
Ford's F-150 Lightning electric pickup (above) is part of recent price drops in the electric vehicle space.
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Reddit, Twitter and the [price] war on third-party developers

Jul 17, 2023
In a bid for new revenue streams, social media platforms risk alienating API makers, who are an integral part of the digital ecosystem.
Twitter and Reddit recently introduced new pricing schemes for third-party developers that use their platforms.
S3studio/Getty Images

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