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Good news for the Fed, meh news for workers
Jan 6, 2023

Good news for the Fed, meh news for workers

The pace of pay gains appears to be slowing. That's a pleasant surprise for inflation hawks, but it means workers are continuing to fall behind. Plus, unpacking the economic week that was.

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The Weekly Wrap

Kai Ryssdal speaks with Heather Long at The Washington Post and Ana Swanson at the New York Times about global trade and the continuing strength of the labor market.

Wage growth slowed in December, pleasing inflation hawks

Jan 6, 2023
Earnings have been rising quickly, but the cooler data may restrain the Federal Reserve's rate-hike campaign.
While workers have seen significant pay gains in the past year, real wages are down as a result of inflation.
Scott Olson/Getty Images

Sales of fully electric vehicles nearly doubled in 2022. Which carmakers came out on top?

Jan 6, 2023
EVs account for about 5% of car purchases, according to automotive website Edmunds. Rivals to Tesla are making inroads.
Tesla still holds an estimated 60% of the EV market, but its share has been declining.
Brandon Bell/Getty Images

New California law promotes worker-owned businesses

Jan 6, 2023
The model is attracting interest as a way for workers to share in a company's success.
The full staff of Proof Bakery after the business became a worker cooperative.
Courtesy Franzi Charen/Project Equity

How a 24-year-old living with her parents spends her paychecks

Jan 6, 2023
After saving or investing around 40% of her income, Abigail Gomez has money left over for luxuries.
Abigail Gomez and her boyfriend, Kaden Cooper, in northern Utah. They hope to own a home together within the next year.
Courtesy Gomez

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