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Funding the Ukrainian cultural resistance
Feb 24, 2023

Funding the Ukrainian cultural resistance

Actors, dancers and other artists in Ukraine say they are determined to protect their national identity from Russian aggression. Plus, a warning to banks about crypto.

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The Weekly Wrap

"Marketplace" host Amy Scott chats with Catherine Rampell at the Washington Post and Sudeep Reddy at Politico about the latest inflation figures from the PCE price index, the housing market and more of this week’s economic news.

Consumers spent more in January, but also saved more. What gives?

Feb 24, 2023
A boost in disposable income fueled spending and saving. Data signals a healthy outlook, but lower-income people are draining reserves.
ArLawKa AungTun/Getty Images

Federal regulators warn banks on crypto: Be careful

Feb 24, 2023
Three agencies aim to keep traditional banks from getting too involved in cryptocurrency, which has lost value and seen corporate meltdowns.
Although the Federal Reserve and other agencies are not imposing new regulations on  cryptocurrency, their joint statement highlights liquidity risks.
Stefani Reynolds/AFP via Getty Images

Mississippi record store enlists student influencers to help business

Feb 24, 2023
Phillip Rollins, owner of Offbeat, wants to attract more college students and give them a place to hang out.
Valentine's Day brought an spike in record sales for Phillip Rollins, owner of Offbeat.
Martin Bureau/AFP via Getty Images

Ukrainian artists look abroad for help as they defend their culture against Russian invasion

Feb 24, 2023
Actors, dancers, singers and theater producers in Ukraine say they are determined to protect their national identity from Russian aggression.
Musicians perform during a candlelight concert in Kyiv on Dec. 1. Despite the Russian onslaught, Ukrainian artists are doing what they can to keep their culture alive.
Dimitar Dilkoff/AFP via Getty Images

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