For better or worse, NFTs are transforming the music business
Nov 2, 2021

For better or worse, NFTs are transforming the music business

Also on today's program: Molly Wood takes us on a trip to the Salton Sea and a look at the changing relationship between retailers and fulfillment companies.

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Biden, G-7, want to counter China's financing for developing nations

Nov 2, 2021
President Joe Biden wants advanced economies to finance infrastructure development in the developing world and, in doing so, counter China's influence.
President Joe Biden addresses a press conference at COP26 in Glasgow on Nov. 2. At the conference, Biden said he wants to see advanced economies pay for environmentally friendly infrastructure in the developing world.
Brendan Smialowski/AFP via Getty Images

Supply chain acquisitions help streamline retail mess

Nov 2, 2021
The pandemic and global supply chain backlog has transformed the relationship between retailers and supply chain companies.
American Eagle Outfitters said it will acquire a fulfillment company, Quiet Logistics, to strengthen its supply chain.
Tim Boyle via Getty Images

The origin of the U.S. debt ceiling

Nov 2, 2021
Congress is once again considering raising the debt limit. When did that start?
A sign at a Washington, D.C., bus stop showed the amount of the national debt on Oct. 25. The clock is ticking on another debt ceiling agreement to prevent a default.
Julie Chabanas/AFP via Getty Images

How NFTs could change the music industry ... for better or worse

Nov 2, 2021
The Grammys' announcement is an example of how the technology underlying cryptocurrency is influencing how musicians make their money.
EDM artist Steve Aoki, seen here at a 2019 performance in New York City, partnered with an Italian digital artist to produce a multimedia NFT during the pandemic.
Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for All Nippon Airways

Stepping up the technology to find methane leaks

Nov 2, 2021
The EPA has proposed new limits on methane emissions from oil and natural gas facilities, which already leak more than the agency estimates.
The Environmental Protection Agency is calling for oil and gas companies to find and fix leaks of the greenhouse gas methane. The technology for doing so includes lasers and drones.
Mario Tama via Getty Images

Southern California's buried treasure

From Marketplace’s podcast, “How We Survive,” Molly Wood takes us to the Salton Sea, where residents see an opportunity to utilize lithium in the brine bubbling deep underground as an energy resource.

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