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Expect more pay transparency in the new year
Dec 26, 2022

Expect more pay transparency in the new year

In the coming year, roughly 1 in 5 Americans will live in a state that requires employers to disclose salaries in job postings. Plus, a Minnesota logging company takes an ecological approach.

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This year, it's inflation, not contagion, that's driving online commerce

Dec 26, 2022
While growth in e-commerce is not as strong as it was at the height of the pandemic, shoppers are still going online to look for good deals.
Though many consumers continue to shop online, internet sales have slowed since their pandemic heights.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Next year, 1 in 5 Americans will live in a state that requires pay transparency

Dec 26, 2022
Soon, employers that opt not to post salary ranges could be at a competitive disadvantage.
Recruiters who include pay in job postings are already getting more traction, says labor economist Andrew Flowers.
Alex Wong/Getty Images

Wastewater workers wish for a fatberg-free holiday

Dec 26, 2022
Our sewers work overtime at this time of year.
A wastewater treatment plant in Oakland, California. Wastewater workers are urging people to be mindful about disposing of grease and oil, which can wreak havoc on sewer systems.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

What did my Gen Z coworker just say?

Dec 26, 2022
Gen Z has developed its own way to communicate and is now bringing it into the workplace. But their use of language is leaving older colleagues bewildered.
Gen Z slang is making its way into the workplace, but sometimes older colleagues are struggling to understand.
Disobey Art/Getty Images.

A Minnesota company says its ecological logging approach is good for the forest — and the bottom line

Dec 26, 2022
With an approach that harvests trees selectively, instead of clearcutting, profits are deferred.
John Rajala (left), CEO of Rajala Companies, and retired biology professor John Pastor talk about the history of white pines in northern Minnesota in October 2022, near Grand Rapids, Minnesota.

This Colorado brewery subsidized housing to attract workers

Dec 26, 2022
In Ouray, Colorado, high-priced housing is a labor force issue.
During the pandemic, Erin Eddy, owner of the Ouray Brewery in Southwestern Colorado began subsidizing housing for employees to help alleviate the staffing shortage. Above, the Ouray Brewery in October of 2021.
Courtesy Erin Eddy

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