Bitcoin, election anxiety and second passports
Aug 3, 2023

Bitcoin, election anxiety and second passports

A look at why bitcoin investors are lining up for citizenship by investment programs. Plus, rethinking the Federal Reserve's inflation target.

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Workers are being more productive, a good sign for low-inflation growth

Aug 3, 2023
The Labor Department says worker output is up while average hours worked is down. That could help bring down inflation going forward.
Worker output climbed in the second quarter as economic growth picked up.
Johannes Eisele/AFP via Getty Images

Mohamed El-Erian on Fed's inflation target: "There's nothing scientific about 2%"

Aug 3, 2023
The investor and college president calls the Fed's stance backward-looking and worries that more rate hikes may lead to a recession.
El-Erian has criticized the Fed's actions through the country's struggle with inflation but says the central bank's final grade is yet to be determined.
Rob Kim/Getty Images

Visa denials for international students increasing

Aug 3, 2023
The Cato Institute found that the United States denied 35% of international student visas in 2022 — the highest denial percentage in decades.
In 2022, the number of international students was nearly 1 million, according to the Institute of International Education, but many student visas were denied.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

For some bitcoiners, "a second passport is the ultimate hedge"

Aug 3, 2023
Instead of buying a new Porsche or a private jet rental, the mega-rich can drop $100,000 on a new citizenship — and the benefits that go with it.
Dominica offers two routes to citizenship: a one-time donation of $100,000 or a real estate investment of $200,000.
Robyn Beck/AFP via Getty Images

Persistence pays off again for L.A. gelato maker

Aug 3, 2023
Closing the two brick-and-mortar locations of Uli's Gelato was not an easy call, but networking helped Uli Nasibova create her next chapter.
"When the pandemic first started, your survival instincts kick in," says Uli Nasibova, owner of Uli’s Gelato. "Failure was not an option."
Nina Uemurasachi

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