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12/05/2017: Lost Einsteins and lost tax revenue

December 05, 2017

Those are two completely different subjects, one having to do with a very long-term American problem: the dearth of innovation, which could be remedied if more low-income people of color and women were encouraged as children to innovate, according to Stanford economics professor Raj Chetty. And the other problem, lost tax revenue, is more concrete. Forty billion dollars over the next 10 years — that’s what we’d lose if the House’s proposition to repeal the 20 percent minimum tax rate for corporations goes forward (the Senate’s version of the bill keeps it.) Those differences are being ironed out this week. Also this week, a government shutdown looms. In other news, we check in on how Ireland’s open border will be affected by Brexit, and we visit the National Portrait Gallery to see an exhibition on American workers.  

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