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10/17/2017: China's done doing our recycling

October 17, 2017

At America's largest ports in Los Angeles and Long Beach, bales of plastic and paper are piling up. Once upon a time, they would have been packed and shipped to Asia, where they'd be turned into consumer goods and shipped back. But China has plenty of its own recycled materials now to sustain the manufacturing of goods, leaving the U.S. with a big problem: where's it all going to go? Maybe it can be hidden in the giant $2.4 trillion hole that the GOP's tax plan would leave in the budget (but it's likelier to end up in storage for now.) The tax plan is a big flip-flop from the fiscal responsibility Republicans have been been preaching, but it's not without precedent — historically, each side cares more about debt when they're in the opposition. Plus, NAFTA negotiations, what's really behind Amazon's choice of location for their secondary headquarters and how Houston's undocumented parents are struggling to receive federal aid for their children as the city recovers from Hurricane Harvey.

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