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What can parents do to ease the mounting pressure facing high schoolers?
Oct 19, 2023

What can parents do to ease the mounting pressure facing high schoolers?

With AP and IB classes, extracurriculars and test prep, the bar for success seems to keep getting higher for teens. And it's taking a toll.

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Netflix and ... bill?

Remember Netflix’s password crackdown? Well, it worked. Password piggybackers emerged from the shadows in droves and signed up for their own accounts, helping bring Netflix 9 million new subscribers in just three months. That’s triple the number of people who signed up last year at the same time. And now that it’s wrangled those folks in, it’s raising prices.

How parents can help their children achieve without being overbearing

Oct 19, 2023
The author of a new book explains why value is a key to helping teenagers thrive in high school and beyond.
"Parents feel really tasked with getting their kids into a 'good school,' so that that could act as a kind of life vest in a sea of economic uncertainty," said author Jennifer Breheny Wallace.
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Enough Worriers

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