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Why experts worry when people have no bank account at all
Oct 20, 2020

Why experts worry when people have no bank account at all

The deadline from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for pandemic relief legislation is here. When will we actually see aid? Plus, better access to banks for Americans in 2019. And, reevaluating the role of school police in Detroit.

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If we won't see comprehensive coronavirus relief legislation before the election, will we see it before the end of the year?

David Kelly, chief global strategist at J.P. Morgan Funds, believes so. “All sides have been playing politics with this throughout the year,” Kelly said. “But, once the election is over, and it’s only two weeks away, then in the lame-duck session of Congress — if something has been passed by now, I think something will be passed, because nobody wants people going into the holiday season getting evicted in huge numbers or going broke. So I really think some package will pass Congress before the end of the year.”

U.S. households had better bank access in 2019, FDIC says. And then the pandemic happened.

A higher unemployment rate and economic turmoil means the number of unbanked households could rise again.
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Detroit schools are reassessing the role of school police

Oct 20, 2020
After a summer of protests, the city has created a task force to reconsider the function and funding for its school police force.
A group of students in Detroit consider how they would want their city’s schools to rethink their budget at an event hosted by a youth group called Detroit Heals Detroit.
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