The public school enrollment conundrum
Apr 1, 2024

The public school enrollment conundrum

Some public school districts are considering closing schools due to enrollment declines, a new Cato Institute report finds.

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Pause button pressed on anti-redlining rules

For many years, banks actively avoided investing in lower-income and minority communities, something known as redlining. Decades ago, a federal law attempted to prevent that from happening. Recently, regulators have tried to update the rules to reflect a world of online banking. Now, a ruling by a federal judge in Texas has put those updates, which were supposed to take effect on Monday, on hold.

Most of the Colorado River's diverted water goes to agricultural uses, study finds

Apr 1, 2024
A whopping three quarters of the river's water that is used by humans goes to irrigation for farms and livestock, according to the journal Communications Earth & Environment.
Water flows from irrigation pipes for cattle grazing land near Whitewater, Colorado.
Patrick T. Fallon/AFP via Getty Images

Rise in private school enrollments could pose a problem for public schools

Apr 1, 2024
Public schools' funding partly depends on how many pupils are enrolled. Also, parents leaving the public system may be less willing to have their taxes pay for it.
“Many school districts have been using those federal resources to prop up their budgets during a period of sustained enrollment decline,” said Stanford University’s Tom Dee.
Christophe Simon/AFP via Getty Images

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