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The bond market is bringing the ’90s back
Oct 4, 2023

The bond market is bringing the ’90s back

Investors are rushing to sell bonds, prompting a surge in interest rates and threatening prospects for a soft landing. But we've been here before.

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A blast-from-the-past bond market

We’re tracking a surge in interest rates that’s a consequence of a bond fire sale. Christopher Low of FHN Financial joins “Marketplace Morning Report” to discuss.

Wealthy households are donating less after a surge of generosity in 2020

Oct 4, 2023
A biennial survey out this week from Indiana University and Bank of America also finds that volunteering rebounded among the affluent.
The average amount that affluent households gave last year fell to roughly $35,000 last year.
CatLane/Getty Images

The sneaker market is evolving, and Nike is running to keep up

Oct 4, 2023
While the industry used to be all about the look — think Air Jordans — now it’s about the technology.
World-record breaker Tigist Assefa, right, poses with the Adidas Adizero Adios Pro Evo 1, a shoe that weighs less than a third of a pound, costs $500 and is designed to be worn once.
Luciano Lima/Getty Images

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