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Stakes are high for Tesla’s quarterly results
Apr 23, 2024

Stakes are high for Tesla’s quarterly results

Tesla will release quarterly results after markets close today, but the company has had a rough road so far this year.

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What the what is going on in this housing market?

Later on Tuesday, we’ll find out how many homes were sold in March at a time the housing market is more illiquid than is normal. Here with an explanation is Drew Matus, chief market strategist at MetLife Investment Management.

What to expect from Tesla ahead of quarterly results

Apr 23, 2024
The company reports after the bell on Tuesday.
Tesla once dominated the now-crowded EV market.
Brandon Bell/Getty Images

Negro Leagues barnstorming brought baseball to new places

It's just one of the lasting economic legacies of the professional baseball played in the Negro Leagues in the 20th century.
Teams that played in the Negro Leagues often had no choice but to hit the road and play games all over. They relied on this practice, known as barnstorming, to keep the money coming in. Pictured above: The Newark Eagles in a dugout in 1936.
Courtesy Magnolia Pictures

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