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Some Amazon workers have a union. Next up is a contract.
Apr 4, 2022

Some Amazon workers have a union. Next up is a contract.

It's the difference between getting the right to collective bargaining and coming up with an actual contract. After the first successful union drive at Amazon, we speak with a labor expert about what this moment means for workers organizing in the U.S. and what comes next. And, we start the week with a look at how inflation can make inequality even worse.

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Amazon union showcases the power of grassroots labor organizing, professor says

Apr 4, 2022
Local union organizers "robbed Amazon of one of its best anti-union arguments," says Adam Seth Litwin of Cornell.
Union organizer Christian Smalls speaks following the April 1, 2022, vote for the unionization of the Amazon Staten Island warehouse in New York.
Andrea Renault/AFP via Getty Images

We know prices are (and have been) rising for Americans. But not everyone experiences inflation the same way.

In other words, inflation is harder on some than others, particularly people with low incomes. That’s because essential goods make up a larger percentage of low-income folks’ budgets. We spoke with Julia Coronado, founder and president of MacroPolicy Perspectives.

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