So … was this week’s inflation news really that great?
Nov 11, 2022

So … was this week’s inflation news really that great?

Christopher Low of FHN Financial helps us look beyond the good feelings behind recent market activity. The BBC reports on how China will start to loosen some strict zero-COVID regulations. Also, we check in on the COP27 climate summit. Art critic Blake Gopnik discusses the billion-dollar auction of the collection of Paul Allen.

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An art critic's perspective on the billion-dollar auction of Paul Allen's collection

Art critic Blake Gopnik comments on the record-setting auction, as well as his own interactions with the late Microsoft co-founder.
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As we head into the holiday shopping season, how are consumers feeling?

Nov 11, 2022
News this week that inflation may be moderating a bit is unlikely to register much with consumers right now.
People walk down a busy shopping street in New York City.
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