Pipeline hackers say they only want money, not chaos
May 11, 2021

Pipeline hackers say they only want money, not chaos

The ransomware gang accused of the cyberattack on Colonial Pipeline says it doesn't mean to cause any problems for society and it's just after money. In fact, the group said it would essentially institute a type of moderation to make sure it didn't attack targets that would really cause disruptions or send a political message. Also, moving patterns among Americans during the pandemic, how they're affected by income. And, the often unscrupulous underground economy in which migrants around the world are forced to participate.

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Income influenced where Americans moved in 2020

May 11, 2021
Many relocated from larger cities to smaller ones with lower costs of living and less stringent COVID-19 regulations.
For high earners who are able to work remotely, the desire for a different lifestyle may prompt a relocation.
Jovan Geber via Getty Images

Migrants in Bosnia-Herzegovina are at the mercy of an unscrupulous underground economy

May 11, 2021
To cross the border into Croatia, or "go the game," they often need to rely on others to get cash. That help comes at a price.
Members from an Afghani migrant family approach Croatia's border from the Bosnian side in an attempt to cross into the EU by foot. The family crossed into Croatia only to be pushed back to Bosnia by Croatian police a few hours later.
Damir Sagoli/Getty Images

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