Older workers are continuing to sit on the sidelines
Oct 10, 2023

Older workers are continuing to sit on the sidelines

Older Americans have been rejoining the labor force at lower rates than other age groups. What gives? But first: Gas demand dips in the U.S.

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Something strange has been happening with U.S. gas prices

Gas prices have been deflating stateside despite OPEC trying to prop up oil prices. What gives?

Though the country is aging, there are fewer older Americans in the workforce

Oct 10, 2023
So-called “prime age” workers, those 25 to 54, are working jobs at a higher rate than before the pandemic. But the picture gets more complex for older workers.
As the pandemic recedes, older Americans have been rejoining the workforce at lower rates than other age groups.
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U.S. economy among the few bright spots at World Bank/IMF annual meeting

Oct 10, 2023
The meetings are being held in Morocco, still struggling to recover from a severe earthquake just a month ago. The contrast with the U.S. could not be more stark. The IMF says the U.S. is the only major economy where output has returned to pre-pandemic levels.
In its latest World Economic Outlook, the International Monetary Fund raised its forecast for U.S. economic growth.
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