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Why President Trump wants higher oil prices
Apr 6, 2020

Why President Trump wants higher oil prices

Signs of COVID-19 cases perhaps peaking. No deal yet from OPEC to cut oil production. Apple CEO Tim Cook says the company will produce 1 million face shields a week. New streaming service Quibi launches today.

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How will short-form streaming service Quibi fare in the COVID-19 economy?

Apr 6, 2020
All of Quibi's content is designed to be watched on phone screens. Will new consumer habits from COVID-19 help or hurt the service?
Rob Post, Quibi chief technology officer, talks about Quibi's "Turnstyle" technology for short-form video streaming for mobile devices at the Quibi keynote address, Jan. 8, 2020.
Robyn Beck/AFP via Getty Images

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Victoria Craig Host, BBC
Stephen Ryan Producer, BBC
Jonathan Frewin Producer, BBC
Daniel Shin Producer
Jay Siebold Technical Director
Brian Allison Engineer
Erika Soderstrom Producer/Director
Rose Conlon Producer
Alex Schroeder Producer