Oil prices, gas prices … and the mass transit alternative
Jul 14, 2022

Oil prices, gas prices … and the mass transit alternative

A big part of Wednesday's hot inflation reading was the cost of gas, where retail price lags behind the wholesale price. That normally would lead to a boost in the use of mass transit, but that's not the case. The BBC reports on how Ukraine, Russia, the U.N. and Turkey appear closer to a deal on resuming exports of Ukrainian grain from the Black Sea. We discuss how the waves of flight disruptions and cancellations during the pandemic have taken a toll on flight attendants.

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Public transit ridership is slow to return, despite high gas prices

Jul 13, 2022
Ridership took a nosedive in the pandemic, and remote work may be helping to keep it low. Federal aid has kept buses and trains moving.
Remote work may be helping to keep ridership sparse on buses and trains, including on the San Francisco Bay Area's BART system.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Flight attendants are feeling the heat of pent-up demand and a cancellation-filled summer

Jul 14, 2022
Commuting expenses and training backlogs are just some of the problems compounding staffing shortages, union leader says.
"You're not really fully compensated when a flight is diverted, you're taken off your schedule, and you get home 12, 24 hours later," says Sara Nelson, international president of the Association of Flight Attendants.
Anna Moneymaker via Getty Images

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