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It’s not just TP. Once again, many paper products are in short supply.
Oct 4, 2021

It’s not just TP. Once again, many paper products are in short supply.

According to White House officials, the Biden administration will not seek a new "phase two" trade deal with China, but will instead look to address broken promises from "phase one." Plus, the paper shortage is back, and it's affecting everything from wedding invitations to cereal boxes (and yes, toilet paper, too). And, the first video footage from inside a major hurricane, collected by a drone. It's meant to help scientists improve forecasting.

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There's still a paper shortage. You know what that means.

Oct 4, 2021
School supplies, holiday cards and, yes, toilet paper are all affected.
Shortages in paper products come down to paper pulp. It’s produced in mills, which are slowed down because of worker shortages right now.
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Weather forecasting key to navigating climate change

Oct 4, 2021
More accurate hurricane and wildfire forecasting can help save lives as extreme weather events become more common.
Zach Gibson/AFP via Getty Images

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