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Interest rates are not coming down any time soon
Apr 10, 2024

Interest rates are not coming down any time soon

That's the conclusion of many investors this morning, following the release of the consumer price index.

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Connections to Putin not enough to justify frozen assets

A European Union court has ruled that two influential Russian businessmen were wrongly sanctioned in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The billionaire oligarchs are linked to Russia’s biggest private bank and to the country’s leader Vladimir Putin.

Inflation moved up 3.5% in a year, per the CPI

The stock and bond markets were knocked for a loop this morning after consumer inflation came in slightly higher than expected. We’ll unpack the latest consumer price index report with, Susan Schmidt, head of public equity at the State of Wisconsin Investment Board.

More immigration means gains for U.S. economy, CBO says

The agency's estimates that immigrants will add $7 trillion to gross domestic product over the next decade.
Immigrants have filled jobs that employers had struggled to find workers for, according to the Congressional Budget Office.
Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images

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