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I mean, it’s one home. What could it cost? A million dollars?
Apr 10, 2024

I mean, it’s one home. What could it cost? A million dollars?

Recent Zillow data finds that $1 million home values are becoming more and more typical across the U.S.

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A typical home costs $1 million or more in a record number of U.S. cities

Apr 10, 2024
Zillow find that million-dollar homes are proliferating — and not just in the usual high-cost metro areas like New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.
Median home values were north of $1 million in 550 cities in February, according to Zillow.
Scott Olson/Getty Images

Preview of today's CPI report

We’ll get a big reading on consumer prices comes out later this morning, which will cover March and give us a better sense of progress in the fight against inflation — and the future of interest rates.

The enduring legacy of the French 75 cocktail

Apr 10, 2024
A deep dive into the drink's fascinating history and lasting appeal with author John Maxwell Hamilton.
The French 75 renews its image as people and businesses appropriate the historic name. John Maxwell Hamilton wrote the book on it.
Aamulya/Getty Images

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