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How the Russia-Ukraine conflict could put a dent in the food industry
Mar 21, 2022

How the Russia-Ukraine conflict could put a dent in the food industry

The war between Russia and Ukraine has put the nickel market in flux. A lot of metal nickel comes from Russia, and nickel is an essential part of stainless steel ... which is an essential part of many tools of the food and restaurant industry. Imagine what most kitchen tools are made of, or what a brewery has to think about with its stainless steel kegs. Julia Coronado joins us to discuss the markets' inflationary environment. The SEC is holding a big meeting today to discuss climate-change risks. 

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Why Russia's invasion of Ukraine is likely to raise costs for restaurants and food manufacturers

Mar 21, 2022
Russia has nickel. Nickel is a component of some stainless steel. And restaurants, food manufacturers, and breweries need stainless steel.
Nickel's volatile price can affect the food industry, as nickel is a component of stainless steel – an essential facet of the industry.
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