How NFTs are bringing artists and communities together
Apr 13, 2022

How NFTs are bringing artists and communities together

We check in with an Atlanta muralist to kick off a story of how visual artists are finding ways to utilize NFTs as a way to not only connect with their followers, but also rethink the value of their work. While NFTs are a pathway to another dimension of possibilities for these artists, the challenges of navigating the technology still remain. The White House is poised to send more military aid to Ukraine in the form of heavy equipment. 

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Visual artists see NFTs as a new opportunity to connect with their communities

Apr 13, 2022
NFTs can help artists bypass traditional channels, such as art galleries. But artists also have to navigate environmental, legal questions surrounding them.
A mural in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward neighborhood features the work of visual artist Greg Mike. Over the last year, Mike has minted several collections of his artwork as NFTs.
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