Fed Chair calls for more emergency spending
May 13, 2020

Fed Chair calls for more emergency spending

Jerome Powell is urging Congress and the White House to spend more money to prop up the economy. Brands are reportedly cutting back spending for TV ads. County officials in Michigan have temporarily stopped foreclosing on properties for unpaid taxes.

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Big brands are telling TV networks they might not be buying as many ads as planned

More people are at home watching, but there's a lot of uncertainty about the future of TV programming.
As much as $1.5 billion in TV advertising spending could be pulled back.

Detroit hits pause on tax foreclosures to help homeowners during COVID-19

May 13, 2020
Wayne County estimates roughly 10,000 properties were scheduled for tax foreclosure this year, including about 3,200 owner-occupied homes.
Pressing pause on tax foreclosures is a solution to a long-standing problem in Detroit.
Eli Newman

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