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EPA aims to quash coal emissions once and for all
Apr 25, 2024

EPA aims to quash coal emissions once and for all

The EPA stressed they aren't telling power plants how to cut down on pollution — that'll be up to the fossil fuel industry to figure out.

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New EPA rules could force coal power plants to clean up or shut down

The question is, will the Supreme Court allow the new regulations to go into effect?

New Jersey offers residents incentives to sue New York

Apr 25, 2024
The move centers around taxes paid by New Jersey residents whose jobs are in New York and had to pay taxes there.
New Jersey residents who succeed in suing over income taxes paid to New York would be allowed to keep half of the tax dollars they recover, according to a new state law.
Leonardo Munoz/AFP via Getty Images

A new way to invest in medical research is moving through Congress

The LOANS bill would make BioBonds available to researchers ready to move their emerging therapies into clinical trials.
Venture capital is the traditional funding mechanism for medical research companies, says Jason Menzo, CEO of Foundation Fighting Blindness. BioBonds would provide another revenue stream with less risk for investors.
Alessandro Biascioli/Getty Images

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