What will be COVID-19’s lasting economic damage?
Mar 2, 2020

What will be COVID-19’s lasting economic damage?

Fresh economic forecasting from the OECD points to global growth slowdown. Market volatility beyond the coronavirus. The British food industry adapts to veganism.

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Recent market volatility is more than just COVID-19

Mar 2, 2020
A trade war, the overvaluation of stocks and the 2020 election have also contributed to uncertainty.
Traders work during the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange on Feb. 28, 2020 on Wall Street in New York City.
Johannes Eisele/AFP via Getty Images

As veganism grows more popular in the U.K., dairy industry fights back

Mar 2, 2020
Vegans and dairy farmers in the U.K. vie for the high moral ground.
ReRooted Organic in the U.K. has been producing vegan milk for the past two years.
ReRooted via Facebook

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