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What the vaccine rollout will cost states
Dec 14, 2020

What the vaccine rollout will cost states

The first coronavirus vaccines are being delivered in the U.S. this morning. Plus, the Federal Reserve will take up the state of bond buying in its meeting this week. And, a growing greenhouse agriculture industry to support local produce even in winter.

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On the list of priorities for this week's Fed meeting? Bond buying and why it's important for the economy

Julia Coronado, founder and president of MacroPolicy Perspectives, says “the purpose of buying Treasury and mortgage bonds is to make sure that, one, markets continue to function.” The Fed played an important role in helping mitigate some of the economic turmoil earlier this spring with these debt purchases. “But more importantly,” Coronado said, the purpose of bond buying is also “to keep longer-term interest rates low. Those are the rates that support the housing market and the purchases of cars and other consumer durables. So they really want to make sure those low rates stay in place and are supporting the economy.”

Growing urban greenhouse sector looks to deliver local produce

Dec 14, 2020
Lufa Farms, a Canadian company, sees rooftop gardening as a way to cut energy costs.
Tomato plants grow in a rooftop greenhouse in New York.
Emmanuel Dunand/AFP via Getty Images

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