Oct 13, 2020

We’re starting to see higher-than-expected profits from companies for last quarter

A Big Pharma company has fine results from last quarter even as it runs into a coronavirus vaccine setback. Plus, Disney is reorganizing to boost streaming platforms. And, a tool to make it easier for humans to communicate with dogs.

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Uncertainty is diminishing, and as a result big corporations are starting to include future forecasts with quarterly results again

Companies are beating expectations. But Julian Emanuel, chief equity and derivatives strategist at BTIG, says that alone might not be enough to buoy stocks further. "The tendency is that when companies beat expectations, you do tend to see a positive share price reaction, but given how far the market's run and the uncertainties of the reopening of the economy in the fall, beating on earnings isn't going to be enough," Emanuel said.

The "communicate-better-with-your-pet" sector is having a moment

Oct 13, 2020
One company turned a speech pathologist's tool into a product for pet owners.
They have something to say.
Angela Weiss/AFP via Getty Images

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