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Checking in on a crew stranded in the Port of Baltimore
Apr 5, 2024

Checking in on a crew stranded in the Port of Baltimore

We tag along with a port chaplain who's helping care for stranded crew members, some of whom lack visas and are unable to go ashore.

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Nonprofits to receive billions of dollars for clean energy projects

Apr 5, 2024
$20 billion in grants and loans will be forthcoming from the Biden Administration. It's hoped this will attract private investment too.
At least 70% of recent federal funding for "green banks" is going to clean energy projects in low-income and disadvantaged communities.
Mario Tama/Getty Images

Aboard stranded cargo ships in Baltimore's port, a fight against "tedium"

Apr 5, 2024
The Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse left eight cargo ships and crews stranded indefinitely. The port’s chaplain is offering chocolate, wi-fi hotspots, and rides to the shopping mall.
Watakee Kasakun stands on the deck of the Phatra Naree, a cargo ship from Thailand, with the collapsed Francis Scott Key Bridge behind him. He and the rest of the crew are now stuck in the Port of Baltimore indefinitely.
Stephanie Hughes/Marketplace

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