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Cash? Credit? Check? Or palm?
Feb 19, 2024

Cash? Credit? Check? Or palm?

If you could pay for things with just a wave of your hand, would you? The tech could be coming to a store near you.

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Years after the pandemic started, homebuilding materials are still hard to find

Feb 19, 2024
The industry's mood continues to brighten, a trade group says, but sourcing sophisticated equipment remains a challenge.
There’s currently high demand for sophisticated construction equipment, said John Kirk of the Lightpath Co.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

No, I'm not saying "Bye." I'm saying "Buy."

The Amazon One system enables purchases via hand waving. Christopher Mims of the WSJ discusses business prospects for biometric data.
Amazon's Amazon One system enables consumers to make purchases just by waving their hand.
Courtesy Amazon

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