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The clock of global progress seems to be spinning backward
Sep 15, 2020

The clock of global progress seems to be spinning backward

A new analysis suggests holiday shopping numbers could actually be up. Plus, why Apple might be waiting to unveil a new iPhone model. Also, another automaker settles over emissions cheating. And, Bill Gates on coronavirus vaccine development.

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Apple's September event, usually headlined by a new iPhone, is different this year

Sep 15, 2020
Apple will probably debut its 5G-connected iPhone next month.
This year, Apple could continue its transition to providing more services, like music, news, TV and cloud storage.
Brittany Hosea-Small/AFP via Getty Images

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4/17/1975 Rob Viktum

The team

Victoria Craig Host, BBC
Stephen Ryan Senior Producer, BBC
Jonathan Frewin Producer, BBC
Daniel Shin Producer
Jay Siebold Technical Director
Brian Allison Engineer
Meredith Garretson Morbey Senior Producer
Erika Soderstrom Producer
Rose Conlon Producer
Alex Schroeder Producer

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