Biden sets sights on windfall from oil companies
Nov 1, 2022

Biden sets sights on windfall from oil companies

We get a little into the size and scope of trying to enact a profits tax on oil companies. David Kelly of J.P. Morgan joins us for market discussion. The New York pay transparency law went into effect today, and we look at its potential impact on gender and wage gaps. A pair of propositions on sports betting will soon be facing California voters. 

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Pay transparency is now the law of the land in New York City

Nov 1, 2022
Starting today, any company in New York City with at least four employees will be required to include salary ranges in their job postings.
A 'help wanted' sign is displayed in a Manhattan store on in New York City.
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

California voters will soon weigh in on sports betting

Nov 1, 2022
Several tribes are asking voters to pass a measure that would allow sports gambling on tribal lands and race tracks. Opponents say it could hurt card rooms.
The Gardens Casino is the economic engine of the city of Hawaiian Gardens in Los Angeles County. Some cities that rely on card room revenue are opposed to proposition 26.
Megan Jamerson

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