Jan 6, 2017

01/06/17: The tweet heard ’round the world


The effects that a critical tweet from Trump can have on a company; hopes for a U.S. manufacturing rebound in 2017; and the possibility of an investment in Sheffield, England from China. 

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Manufacturing sector still seeks route to a rebound in the New Year

Jan 6, 2017
Is there any hope for a manufacturing rebound in 2017? The signs haven’t looked great, with the dollar strong and strengthening. A strong dollar makes U.S. exports more expensive. Factories actually shed jobs in 2016. But manufacturers say they’re optimistic that a domestic stimulus package — the kind of infrastructure spending plan that President-elect Donald […]

House that sold for one dollar in Bay Area needs a home

Jan 6, 2017
The house is perched on a grassy lot where the city moved it to make way for new housing.
Even if it costs $300,000 to fix and move this house that sold in Hercules, Calif. for a dollar, the person who bought it thinks he can make a profit.
Sam Harnett

If the ad-driven model for media is broken, what will fix it?

Jan 6, 2017
Content site Medium is laying off 50 people – a third of its workforce. Founder Evan Williams, who also co-founded Twitter, wanted Medium to be a site for great writing. But he said the ad-driven model is “broken,” emphasizing eyeballs, not quality. So he’s going to spend time and resources to find another model. What […]

Trump’s Toyota Twitter feud: does it matter?

Jan 6, 2017
Toyota is the latest company whose stock took a hit after the president-elect threatened to punish the carmaker for its plans to build Corollas in Mexico. Toyota’s planning to move production out of Canada, not the U.S. In any case, that makes Toyota his first foreign target for a tweet about tariffs. Michelle Krebs, a […]

01/06/17: The cost of repealing Obamacare

Jan 6, 2017
The U.S. economy gained fewer jobs than expected in December, yet wages shot up. Chris Low, the chief economist at FTN Financial, joins us to discuss what all of these numbers mean. Next, we'll explore the story of a San Francisco Bay Area house that sold for $1, and talk about the price tag of repealing Obamacare.

Three things we learned from the December jobs report

Jan 6, 2017
The economy added 156,000 jobs last month, a number shy of expectations.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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