Bridget Bodnar
Bodnar bridget

Bridget Bodnar is a producer for Marketplace with Kai Ryssdal. Her day-to-day role involves booking, producing and cutting host interviews. Some recent guests include Judd Apatow, Warren Buffett, Quincy Jones and Gloria Steinem, to name a few.

Since coming on board in 2011, Bridget has worked in various capacities on multiple programs in the Marketplace portfolio, including directing the evening broadcast and assistant producing Marketplace Morning Report. She is particularly proud of producing series such as "American Futures," "Corner Office," "Disappearing Jobs," "Screen Wars," "The Big Book," and "The New Cold War." Prior to her days at Marketplace, Bridget interned for the Los Angeles Bureau Chief for KQED and at Michigan Radio in Ann Arbor.

Bridget is a graduate of the University of Michigan and a proud native of the state. She is an excellent speed reader and enjoys producing—two things that go hand-in-hand for her role at Marketplace.

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