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World markets still on a wild ride

| Mar 1, 2007
Markets from Wall Street to Europe to Brazil continue to yo-yo, following sharp declines in Asia. But analysts say our economic numbers are good — as is the sign that we keep bouncing back from the drops.
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Nope...even thinner than that

| Mar 1, 2007
Scientists have made a major advancement in the development of graphene — the world's thinnest substance. It also happens to be an even better conductor than silicon.
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Bird flu market takes flight

Helen Palmer | Mar 1, 2007
Starting today, doctors and other health experts will be able to "bet" on the likelihood of an avian flu pandemic using a new predictive market at the University of Iowa.
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Airbus jobs are outbound

Stephen Beard | Mar 1, 2007
Even as Airbus workers in France and Germany threaten further walkouts over the 10,000 planned job cuts, analysts say the company's restructuring path practically guarantees more jobs will be shifted out of Europe.
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Mideast wars draining big city budgets

Alisa Roth | Mar 1, 2007
Taxpayers in New York, Los Angeles and other major U.S. cities have been footing the bill for tens of millions of dollars in indirect costs for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. And now they want the federal government to pay them back.
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Satellite radio comedy on the Hill

Rico Gagliano | Mar 1, 2007
Sirius CEO Mel Karmazin met with lawmakers yesterday making the case that a merger with XM wouldn't be anti-competitive even though it only left one satellite radio company. But it didn't quite add up for the Marketplace Players.

A wake-up call in Peru

Scott Jagow | Mar 1, 2007
Peruvians are known for being late, an hour give or take. So all 28 million are being asked to change their ways today in the hopes of shedding the nation's reputation for tardiness.
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More TV for your cell phone

Janet Babin | Mar 1, 2007
Sure you can already download clips of your favorite shows to your cell phone, but soon Verizon subscribers will be able to get entire episodes from Comedy Central, Fox and MTV — if they upgrade their plans of course.
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The dust settles on 'Dark Tuesday'

Bob Moon and Kai Ryssdal | Feb 28, 2007
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke accentuated the positive today on Capitol Hill, and investors tried to maintain the same outlook. Kai Ryssdal and Bob Moon look into the effects of yesterday's Wall Street slide.
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Congress says: Don't settle for less

John Dimsdale | Feb 28, 2007
Congress is proposing a wage insurance bill that would cushion laid-off workers who take pay cuts at their next job. John Dimsdale reports.
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