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One year after leaving Wall Street

Oct 22, 2009
Last year, Marketplace's Jeremy Hobson interviewed two Wall Street workers who had just lost their jobs at the start of the financial crisis. Hobson checks in on them again and gets their thoughts one year later.

Financial aid hard to get for some

Oct 21, 2008
Twenty-eight-year-old Cinthya Guillen is going to college to be a high school teacher, but the crisis has made it a struggle for her to afford books. We talk to her as part of our Interested Parties series.

Ideas to juice our public schools

Oct 21, 2008
With a weak economy and huge deficits, what do education advocates expect from the next president? For our Interested Parties series, Steve Henn looked into what Washington, D.C. has been doing to improve its public schools.

Laid-off Wall Streeters want regulations

Oct 20, 2008
New York City has lost 11,000 financial sector jobs and expects to lose many thousands more. With Wall Street hemorrhaging jobs weeks before the election, Jeremy Hobson finds out what pink-slipped want from a new administration.

Green voters on the coming election

Oct 13, 2008
Environmental regulations, conservation, alternative energy development -- all have come to be serious issues on the campaign trail. Mitchell Hartman investigates what "green voters" want from the next administration.

You might get what you need

Oct 10, 2008
The children of Baby Boomers tend to have low expectations when it comes to government help As part of our series "Interested Parties," Marketplace's Nancy Marshall Genzer asks Boomer kids what they're looking for in this election.

Ex-pats worry about U.S. troubles

Oct 7, 2008
Americans living abroad share their perspectives of the American financial crisis with our European Bureau Chief Stephen Beard. Another part in Marketplace's "Interested Parties" series.

For public good, not for profit.

On economic concerns, ask a planner

Oct 7, 2008
As part of our series Interested Parties, we're talking to different voters and getting their thoughts about the economy. Today we hear from Rafeeq Jaber, a certified financial planner from Illinois.

Truckers pull weight on the election

Oct 7, 2008
At $4 a gallon, gas prices are a sting for truckers. So what do they feel the government should do about it? Mitchell Hartman pulled into a truck stop in Portland, Oregon to pick the brain of independent truckers.

Hospital staffers: Health care needs fix

Sep 29, 2008
As part of Marketplace's ongoing election series, "Interested Parties," reporter Sarah Gardner visited a hospital and looked into what people in the health care trenches want from Washington.