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The economy as seen from Trump’s Twitter feed

President Donald Trump. Tom Pennington/Getty Images

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The president of the United States is famously fond of his Twitter account. He’s tweeted more than 2,300 times since his inauguration, and hundreds of those tweets are about the economy. We dug into the Trump Twitter Archive, a searchable archive created by Boston-based programmer Brendan Brown, to see which economic issues he likes to tweet about most.

The economy was a key message during Donald Trump’s campaign, and on Inauguration Day.

And since then, he’s mentioned the economy a total of 417 times.

Of course, repetition — not to mention exclamation points — have become part of the president’s signature style. He’s also fond of this four-letter word.

He likes to tweet out the monthly jobs numbers, and take credit for them, even if unemployment was shrinking just about non-stop well before he vacated Trump Tower for the White House. He’s tweeted about jobs 86 times.

And when Trump wants to give a member of Congress a not-so-subtle shove into the administration’s camp or call somebody out for rejecting his policies, Twitter is the tool he relies on to push his legislative agenda.

He’s especially big on taxes, which he has tweeted about 138 times.

Need to send a message to a foreign government, or a company on the home turf? Nothing like 280 characters.

Another favorite economic topic for the president? The markets. Trump loves talking about the markets, almost as much as he loves taking credit for market success. He’s tweeted about the stock market 54 times.

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