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A way to save both lives and the economy during the COVID-19 pandemic

Nobel laureate and NYU professor Paul Romer says there's a path forward that limits the spread of the virus while letting most people get back to work over time.
"If we spent $100 billion right now, on protective gear and testing, we wouldn't be faced with a choice of let hundreds of thousands of people die or kill the economy," Nobel Prize-winner Paul Romer says.
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"Open by Easter"? A closer look at the U.S. economy's timeline

Mar 25, 2020
Relaxing restrictions might make the economic contraction less severe, but not by much, economists say. And we'd see an escalation in infections.
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White House, Senate agree to $2 trillion COVID-19 rescue package

Mar 25, 2020
The urgently needed pandemic response measure is the largest economic rescue measure in history.
The package still needs to be finalized in detailed legislative language.
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As COVID-19 spreads, Manhattan’s Chinatown contemplates a bleak future

Mar 16, 2020
Sales have dropped by as much as 85%.
The Grand Shanghai House on Pell Street in New York City already temporarily closed its doors "due to current situation," reads a sign.
Nina Roberts/Marketplace

Ahead of the State of the Union address, what's the current state of health care?

Feb 4, 2020
The White House says lowering the cost of health care, especially prescription drugs, will be a key theme of the President’s address. What else?
President Donald Trump delivering the 2019 State of the Union address as Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Vice President Mike Pence look on.
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Business inventories decline, the largest dip since 2017

Jan 16, 2020
It could mean the economy's hot and stuff is flying off the shelf. Or it could mean spending is down.
Businesses are being careful to not stock up too much inventory.
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Where's the wage growth?

Jan 10, 2020
In December, wage gains slowed from earlier in 2019, with average hourly earnings up 2.9% year over year.
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The Fed says the economy is in a "good place." Could it be doing more?

Jan 9, 2020
The economy looks good on paper, but there's little the Federal Reserve can do to address economic inequality.
The Federal Reserve building in Washington, D.C.
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Welcome to Changemakers: Why are we doing this?

Jan 7, 2020
The world is changing. Meet some people who are making a difference in big ways and small.
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Iran's painful economic reality

Jan 6, 2020
A George Washington University professor emeritus explains the consequences of 40 years of sanctions.
Young girls in Tehran walk in front of a mural showing the Iranian flag in April.
Atta Kenare/AFP via Getty Images

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