Avocados From Mexico will debut Sunday as a first-time Super Bowl advertiser.
Avocados From Mexico will debut Sunday as a first-time Super Bowl advertiser. - 
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Linette Lopez from Business Insider and Wall Street Journal's Sudeep Reddy join the show to look back on the week in economics and business.

What else did we learn this week?

Fun fact: Sunday’s Super Bowl commercials include 15 first-time advertisers.

Among the newcomers: Avocados From Mexico, the first fresh produce brand to advertise during the Super Bowl, and Always, a brand of feminine hygiene products.

New brands take a chance with Super Bowl ads

Fun fact: You’ve heard of leap year, but soon you will experience a tinier, shorter, more adorable time-adjustment: the leap second.

On June 30, clocks around the world will add one second to their time.

The leap second, deep space and how we keep time

Fun fact: The Federal Communications Commission is ruling on net neutrality in less than a month.

Marketplace’s Paddy Hirsch breaks down everything you need to know about the formally incomprehensible issue with just a few markers, a whiteboard and a delightful Irish accent.

Net neutrality: Whole lot of drama in those two words

Fun fact: Havard University raised $1.16 billion last year.

Yes, that’s a record.

Schools rake in record donations ... unequally

Fun fact: For the first time, the Sundance Film festival showed a film made with the help of virtual reality technology.

A consumer version may be around the corner, according to Brendan Iribe, CEO of Oculus VR.

The movie (literally) in my mind

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