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The Justice Department has accused Apple of colluding with publishers to fix the price of e-books. A loss in court for Apple could damage the company's brand. The Justice Department's case hinges on a statement that Steve Jobs made in 2011 to his biographer suggesting he worked with the publishers to set prices. Apple says the Justice Department distorted and selectively edited Jobs's words.

Today, the Solar Central & East Africa Summit kicks off in Nairobi, Kenya. Officials from Tanzania, Mozambique, Angola, Congo and Ethiopia will  network with trade reps from the solar industry. Many of these African countries are close to the equator, which means plenty of heat. But solar power doesn’t do so well with rain or humidity. Where solar works efficiently in Africa, the industry is starting to heat up.

Doctors used to focus on one thing: practicing medicine. But these days, it pays to know something about business. As health care reform starts upending the economics of medicine, the Kelley School -- a top-20 MBA program, based in Indiana – is looking to cash in by launching an online MBA for just doctors.

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