You know how on Google, the search engine sometimes fills in the rest of your query before you’re done, at least with suggestions based on what everyone has been searching for? Like just now I typed in “Marketplace Tech Report” and it suggested “Marketplace Tech Report NPR”. Sigh.

Anyway, blogger Renee DiResta was curious about what each state was known for, either by its own residents or others so she put together a map that is going to suck up at least some of your time. You hover over a given state and it gives you four auto-fills for searches that start with “Why is (state name) so...”

For example:

Why is Minnesota
so liberal?
so windy?
so humid?
so awesome?


Why is California
so liberal?
so broke?
so anti-gun?
so expensive?

Illinois is pretty sad, Pennsylvania is pretty strange.

From the LA Times:

Under culture, she notes that people are googling things like why are states so backwards, bad, boring, crazy, dangerous, hated, racist, stupid, trashy and weird. And sometimes, we google more positive questions like why a state is so great, which Montana, New Hampshire and New York each receive.

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