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Verizon rolls out Share Everything plans as the era of unlimited data draws to a close

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When a company to whom you pay a bill regularly announces a great new offer, it tends to mean it’s a great new offer for that company. Hate to be cynical but there you go. So when Verizon announces the lovingly titled Share Everything plan, it’s good to take note of the fact that it involves capped data usage. The plan is designed so that up to ten devices in a family – Mom and Dads phones, kids’ phones, tablets, whatever – share unlimited calling and unlimited text messages PLUS limited data. Now, teenagers, as I understand, send a lot of text messages so maybe that’s going to work out pretty well for some families.

As CNET explains:

The plans aren’t cheap, but offer better value if shared between multiple people. All of the plans come with unlimited calling and text messages. A $50 monthly plan comes with 1 gigabyte of data to be shared between devices. For $60 a month, you get 2GB, while $70 gets 4GB, $80 gets 6GB, $90 gets 8GB, and $100 gets 10GB.
Customers who approach their limit get an alert and have the option of paying $10 for 2GB of additional data. Those who ignore the alert and go over the limit are charged $15 for 1GB of extra data.
In addition to the plan, there are fees related to each device. There’s a monthly charge of $40 for each smartphone; $30 for each phone; $20 for a hot spot, USB modem, notebook, or netbook; and $10 for a tablet.

It goes live on June 28, which is also the date after which existing customers on an unlimited data plan get knocked off the unlimited when they go to get a new phone. 

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