Last week we told you about Facebook’s problem with mobile devices. Basically it hasn’t yet thought of a way to put ads on your phones and tablets. In the run up to its IPO the Financial Times is reporting that Facebook will begin to show sponsored ads in the News Feed on your mobile device. This could happen as soon as next month. I’m sure there will be a ton of Internet hands thrown up in the air along with rants and posts of “injustice” and “how dare they.” The same thing happened when Twitter announced its sponsored tweet program, and judging from the amount of public outcry that’s still around after that happened, I can only imagine what’s next. Wait. There’s no public outcry? And when you see a sponsored tweet you just ignore it and go on with your day? What about all your red-faced chants of skulduggery? It doesn’t MATTER?!?

OK then, just try and remember that when you feel the need to speak up against Facebook (a.k.a. that free thing you use to connect to all your friends that’s free and you spend lots of time on for free).