Are you ready for the rumor fire to accompany the impending iPad 3? Have you recently bought an iPad 2 and have a sinking feeling that you’re about to be behind the times? Well, we’re not here to help. Sorry. An analyst says it’s coming in February and is going to have a screen resolution that will make your iPad 2’s screen resolution look like a plank of wood. From CNET:

Citi's Richard Gardner says "several sources" have told him the iPad will be unveiled during February with a new screen that we've been hearing about, which will be double the resolution of the iPad 2. It's been reported that Apple was facing technical challenges in the production of the new high-resolution screen and backlight, but Gardner says those obstacles have been surmounted and the new slate is just a few months away.

That being said, let’s all remember how we were all dead certain that the iPhone 5 would launch this fall and the world still awaits El Cinco. El Cinco is now rumored to launch in, guess what, February.


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