There's a meeting of the House Energy and Commerce Committee today to iron out some of the particulars of a security bill. Rep. Mary Bono Mack (R-CA) has introduced the SAFE Data Act, which would create a national standard for when companies would need to inform people that their data might have been improperly accessed.

From Hillicon Valley:

A spokesman for Bono Mack said the meeting is aimed at resolving some concerns among Republicans on provisions in the bill regarding liability, the pre-emption language and the timing of the breach notification. The spokesman said lawmakers have made progress in the last few weeks and that there is still flexibility to address the remaining concerns.

"It's a huge issue, we're just one data breach away from Americans rattling the cages wanting to know why Congress isn't doing more," said the spokesman, adding that Bono Mack is "guardedly optimistic" about moving a bill in the near future.

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