Here's an unexpected beneficiary of the new Apple operating system: Twitter. The microblogging platform is built in to iOS 5, and Twitter honcho Dick Costolo reported yesterday that Twitter has tripled its number of daily registrants through Apple devices. So a lot more people are signing up for accounts. Now, does that mean that all those people will be regular tweeters or even regular lurker/readers? No, of course not. But it does tilt Twitter to a more ubiquitous service that people may be using on an ongoing consistent basis as opposed to a flash in the pan. Costolo also said Tweeters are now generating 250 million tweets a day.

Latest recommended account to follow: @Justin_Buber. It's what would happen if Justin Bieber was merged with philosopher Martin Buber. Sample: That shud be me feeling ur kiss. That should be me buyin u gifts. For how can my subjecthood flourish but through relation with the Thou?