Jason Castillo, the person who apparently owns the @Qwikster Twitter handle, is trying to make some cash off the name. Qwikster is, of course, the new name for Netflix's DVD system. Castillo picked up several thousand new followers after this was announced and is a motivated if somewhat disoriented seller.

  • Dang @netflix got me the follower but the haven't talked about negotiation or interviews #that'sSoEmbracing
  • Man so much to plan so much deal so much negotiation n I want a plan when I still have part of it n stiL be making bank
  • Got offer $1,000. But idk but you guys should follow my bro@SoccerIsLifegc7 n ill think about selling it to who ever supports my bro

Of course, he's not all business:

  • I'm about to go play soccer n I got stug by a fucken bee

I hate getting stug by bees. Careful of bee stigs. Anyway, as Business Insider points out, he should have taken that thousand bucks when he had a chance, even though it was probably from someone else trying to resell it to Netflix. For one thing, Twitter rules forbid buying and selling of handles. And now that this story is out there, Netflix probably doesn't want it anyway, especially for a business that doesn't matter much.

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